20% discount for NHS, emergency services & care home workers

20% discount for NHS, all emergency services & care home workers

Wayman & Long are proud of our local NHS, emergency services and care workers and we want to help where we can.
We're offering a 20% discount on all legal services for anyone who works in these sectors.
Call us or complete our contact form to make a 'virtual' appointment.
Please stay home, save lives.

Covid-19 how to contact us

Covid-19 appointments with Wayman & Long

Like all of you, we have been keeping up-to-date with the situation regarding Covid-19 and would like to reassure everyone that we take the health and well-being of our staff and clients very seriously.

We have taken advice from the Law Society and following the advice from government and our local authority we will be remaining open for the foreseeable future, with the following guidelines:

For clients coming to the offices:

  • We have installed hand sanitiser in the reception area and will encourage their use from all clients and staff, particularly when entering the building.
  • We ask that anyone with the symptoms remain in isolation as per government guidelines.

Covid-19 appointments with Wayman & Long

We understand that as the situation progresses it will be increasingly likely that we will need to only travel in cases of emergency. We have therefore put in place the following options for you:

  • We can offer you telephone appointments in place of a face-to-face meetings. We will be able to discuss your requirements/issues in privacy and send you a summary of our conversation afterwards.
  • We can also offer Facebook FaceTime appointments if you prefer to talk to us face-to-face. Again, we will send you a summary of our appointment afterwards.
  • Likewise we can offer WhatsApp calls & video calls (you will need to have the WhatsApp app downloaded on your smartphone).

If you wish to take advantage of any of these options, please complete the contact form with your telephone number (ensuring that is the one you will use for FaceTime/ WhatsApp) and stating your preferred method of contact.

Thank you for your ongoing support and we look forward to a return to normality.